Titane (Review)

I distinctly remember being stunned by the trailer for Julia Ducournau's Titane. It was hardly surprising, really, her debut feature, Raw, is one of my all-time favourite films. My prevailing feeling from Titane's trailer was one of wonder: how could this staggering barrage of imagery all fit into one film? Unfortunately, this reaction turned out … Continue reading Titane (Review)

Crash (1996) (Reissue Review)

Cronenberg's notorious adaptation of J.G Ballard's equally notorious novel has been shocking and delighting audiences in equal measure for over twenty-five years. This extreme, transgressive - yet unnervingly existential - drama confronts the viewer with a journey into apparent depravity as it explores ever blurring lines between sex, death and destruction. It is a chaotic … Continue reading Crash (1996) (Reissue Review)