Monos (Review)

As a sensory experience, Monos is exceptional; in fact, it is rare to see a debut feature (Alejandro Landes) that is this assured, bold and visually spellbinding. This Lord of the Flies inflected story of child soldiers left alone with a hostage and a cow on a remote mountaintop (in an unspecified South American location, … Continue reading Monos (Review)

Ema (Review)

On a purely aesthetic level, Pablo LarraĆ­n's Ema is utterly spellbinding. The entire film is full of entrancing, and often ethereal, imagery (despite its realist trappings), bathed in neon hues and marked by striking cinematography. A lot of this is due to the film's focus on dance; our eponymous protagonist is a dancer (primarily of … Continue reading Ema (Review)