The STACK Awards 2021 (Part 1 of 2)

On this blog, I’ve previously done my own version of the Oscars in text form – just to show how strange that ceremony would be if they let me have control (more horror movies and arthouse fare).

This year, I collaborated with the talented music producer, audio engineer, composer, sound designer, visual artist (self described Jack of all trades, master of none) and general great guy, Jack Davenport (follow some of his audio projects here). You may recognise him from his soundtrack to the short Blackberrying (which I loved). So, the two of us – well I just talk a lot and he put the thing together (he has actual practical skills) – present to you the Stephen and Jack Awards, the STACKS if you will.

Want more film thoughts from either of us. Well, follow me here – and on Letterboxd – and follow Jack on Letterboxd also.

So, here is part one in which we give the first half of out awards, go over audience choices and critique the Oscars for the strange things they chose:

Finally, a thank you to those from the R/Letterboxd Discord server, who inspired this project and gave both of us such support – and unnecessary hype. Without you folks, there would be no STACKS so… It’s your fault.

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