The Labyrinth of Cinema (Review)

Nobody makes films like Nobuhiko Ôbayashi does, and with his tragic death in 2020, we are never going to have films like them again. Luckily, we have Labyrinth of Cinema; after giving us a final filmic statement in 2017 with the wonderful Hanagatami, Ôbayashi lived long enough to make one more final film. This film … Continue reading The Labyrinth of Cinema (Review)

Ghost Strata (Review)

Ben Rivers' experimental film begins with the filmmaker being given a tarot reading. This moment is looped back to at the end and foregrounds the film's major themes. On its most basic level, this a filmic scrapbook that chronicles the passing of time: there are twelve chapters, one per month, and each is made up … Continue reading Ghost Strata (Review)

Madeline’s Madeline (Review)

Where does art end and reality begin? It's a pretentious question, but a pertinent one that merits exploration. It's also one of the many questions that Josephine Decker's sublime film tackles. The focus of Madeline's Madeline is more experiential than narrative. It's nominally about a troubled teen, Madeline (played astonishingly by Helena Howard), and her … Continue reading Madeline’s Madeline (Review)